Lykens DW’s Deli and Hoagie Menu

August 11, 2012


501 Main Street Lykens, PA 17048

Phone: 717-453-7730

We Deliver! Call for Take-Out!

Open 7 days a week! Monday through Thursday 10-8, Friday & Saturday 10-9, Sunday 12-8


  • 20 oz Bottled Pepsi products
  • 2 Liter Pepsi Products
  • Guers Iced Tea from pints to gallons
  • Vegas Fuel Energy Drink


  • We feature Martin’s Potato Chips

In The Cooler

  • Deli salads (potato, macaroni, etc.)
  • Call ahead for lunch meat sliced by the pound

Cold Hoagies & Sandwiches

All Hoagies & Sandwiches include lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, hoagie dressing, and oregano; unless otherwise requested.

Extras: .30 Each per half: Hot Hoagie Spread, Sweet or Hot Peppers, Pickles, Horseradish, BBQ Sauce, Black Olives, Italian Dressing, Deli Mustard

Extra Cheese or Bacon is .50 per half (substitute swiss cheese is .30 per half)

Extra Meat is $1.00 per half

Sandwiches come on your choice of White, Wheat, Rye, or Kaiser. Toasted on request.


9 in……………….$5.50

18 in……………..$11.00

Ham and Cheese

Genoa Salami and Cheese

Turkey and Cheese

Regular (American Cheese, Ham, Salami, Bologna)

BLT (Mayo)

Deli Club (3 Slices of bread, Turkey, Ham and Bacon) $4.75

Premium Items                                                                            


9 in……………….$6.00

18 in……………..$12.00

Seafood Salad Hoagie

Southern Fried Chicken

Hot Wing Hoagie

Beast Master Hoagie

3 Ham Hoagie

3 Cheese Hoagie

Honey Ham and Cheese Hoagie

Roast Beef Hoagie

Honey BBQ Chicken Hoagie

Hot & Spicy Hoagie

Turkey Bacon Lovers Hoagie

Pastrami Hoagie

Tuna Hoagie

Itialian Hoagie $5.75

Hot Hoagies

9 in……………….$6.50

18 in……………..$13.00

Haddock Hoagie (Tartar Sauce)

Hot Grilled Buffalo Chicken (LTO Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese)

Chicken or Beef Cheese Steak  (Your choices: Marinara Sauce, onions, mushrooms, green peppers) Or (Garden Style: Mayo, LTO, Cheese Wiz)

Meatball & Provolone 9 in. $5.50 or 18in. $11.00

Bacon Cheese Burger 9 in. $6.00 or 18in. $12.00

Chicken Filet 9 in. $6.00 or 18in. $12.00




Ham and Cheese

Turkey and Cheese


Premium Doagies



Cheese Steak

Bacon Cheese Burger

Hot Wing Doagie

(Extra Meat or Any Substitution

Small-$2.00     Large-$4.00)

Hot Kaiser Sandwiches

Cheeseburger $4.00

Bacon Cheese Burger $4.50

Angel Chicken Steak $5.00

Hot Cosmos



Ham and Cheese

Turkey and Cheese



Baked or Deep Fried

10in….. $8.00


                                               Ham and Cheese

                                                                                                 Turkey and Cheese


Cheese Steak

Traditional 16in. or 14in. Pan Pizza

Cheese $10.00

Buffalo Chicken $14.00

Meaty $14.00

Veggie $14.00

Supreme $14.00

Hawaiian $14.00

Ultimate Supreme $16.00

Additional Toppings $1.00

Cheese, Pepperoni, Onion, Mushroom, Tomato, Black Olive, Green Peppers, Ham, Beef, Pork, Sausage

French Bread Pizza

(two 9in pieces)

                           Cheese $3.50

                             Pepperoni $4.00


White or Wheat

Hot Grilled Buffalo Chicken $6.00

Grilled Chicken $5.00

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch $6.00

Chicken Tenders $6.00

Chicken Parmesan $6.00

Cheese Steak $6.50

Ham and Cheese $5.00

Turkey and Cheese $5.00


Dressings: Ranch, French, 1000 Island, Italian, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard

Garden Salad $4.00

Chef Salad $5.00

Grilled Chicken Salad $6.00

DW’s Salad $6.00

In the Bone Wings, Boneless Wings, WingDings

6 for $5.00

12 for $8.00

Available in:




Old Bay

Honey Garlic

Garlic Southern


Honey BBQ

Fire Ranch



Hot Garlic





Hot Ranch

Fried Foods

Fish & Chips (Tartar Sauce) $6.50

Chicken Tenders and French Fries (BBQ or Honey Mustard) $6.00

French Fries $2.00 (Add bacon bits and cheese for .50)

Onion Rings (10) $3.00

Mozzerella Sticks (6) (with marinara sauce) $4.00

Shrimp Cocktail (10) (with cocktail sauce) $4.00

Chicken Nuggets (6) $3.00

Corn Nuggets (10) $3.00

Haddock Bites (8) (with tartar) $4.00

Chedder Poppers (5) $4.00

Brocolli and Cheese Bites (5) $4.00

Mac and Cheese Bites (6) (with marinara sauce) $4.00

Breaded Mushrooms (10) (with ranch sauce) $3.00

Chicken Tenders (3) (BBQ or Honey Mustard) $4.00


5 Responses to “Lykens DW’s Deli and Hoagie Menu”

  1. Danna Housand Says:

    Hi. I live in tower city & saw that DW’s will be opening a new location here. I was wondering who I should talk with about a job opportunity with your company. I would really love a chance to work for this company. Thank you

    Danna Housand.

  2. Mandy Klinger Says:

    Hey Paul its Mandy I was just wondering if you need sumbody for like 5 he’s or so on the weekend um I’d like to know if there would b an opening for the one in tower city wen its open. I’d like like to be in the shop if possible.

  3. Heather Frey Says:

    Do u have any jobs opening for lykens or tower city thanks

  4. John Says:

    Why don’t you have the Tower City menu, etc here on line.

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